Travelling from Bangkok to Hong Kong

Bangkok and Hong Kong are two different and equally exciting Asian cities. Both offer a wide range of things to do and attractions to visit, and both are popular destinations for holidays and for business trips. Bangkok is one of the biggest flight hubs in Asia, and travellers who are planning to book flights to bangkok can find excellent deals on many flight booking websites.

More information on booking flights to Bangkok

It is easy to visit Bangkok and Hong Kong on the same trip. The two cities are much closer than many travellers realise, and travelling between the cities is easy and comfortable. There are more than 20 flights between Bangkok and Hong Kong every day. The flight time is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

You can find flights with some of the major airlines in Asia, and many Asian budget carriers also fly between Bangkok and Hong Kong every day. The best prices for flights can usually be found online, but Bangkok also has many travel agents that can find cheap airfares while you wait. With so many airlines offering daily flights between the two cities, it is often possible to find a flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong for the same day.

Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand's capital, is always a popular holiday destination for European visitors. It is one of the best places in Asia to go shopping, thanks to its wide range of excellent department stores, designer shops and street markets. Bangkok is famous for its food and its almost unlimited choice of restaurants. It has a world-famous nightlife and it is also a good starting point for trips around Asia. Buses and trains leave from Bangkok to other parts of Thailand, and many Asian budget airlines have several daily flights to different parts of Thailand.

Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a busy international city with an Asian flavour. It is known for great food and excellent shopping, and it is an increasingly popular tourist destination. It is one of the major financial centres in Asia, too. Hong Kong has great flight connections to different parts of Asia as well as good international connections to Europe and to the US.

There is a lot to see and do in Hong Kong, and public transport takes visitors to most destinations. Tourist attractions include many traditional temples, street markets, museums and theme parks that are especially attractive to families with children. Traditional festivals are held frequently and these are great occasions to visit the city. Many visitors also get out of the city centre and visit the rocky islands and the countryside, where you can find hiking paths and good destinations for day trips. Ferries transport residents and tourists between the different islands.

Bangkok and Hong Kong are both exciting destinations for a city break or for a longer holiday. It is easy to travel between the two cities, and both have international airports with excellent intercontinental flight connections. The best airfares are usually available online and it is best to book well in advance.